The Wing’s Mea Culpa, Sofar Sounds & Exclusivity/Curation vs. Elitism

The Cut recently published an in-depth article about how Zeta Tau Alpha at Northwestern was seeking to disband itself after reflecting on Greek life as a facet of institutional racism post Black Lives Matter. A major criticism aside from charges of sexism and racism in the Greek system was that the institution itself was based on exclusion, and that, merely by virtue of having fees high enough to make membership not possible for everyone, was wrong.

The same day, Audrey Gelman published an apology about her time at The Wing, and The Wing posted their own acknowledgement and started laying…

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A few weeks ago Airbnb turned the last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon into a nightly rental. I thought it was a genius marketing gimmick— as big of an improvement that Netflix and having everything a click away is over Blockbuster, there was something nice about a trip to the video store, the sense of possibility of immersing myself in another world on a Friday night, and while no one would actively choose to go back to that world in function, in spirit it’s actually a quite attractive proposition.

Today we’re delving into the latest in a trend that we’re noticing — the illusion of community and intimacy to sell products, spurred by the recent press around OnlyFans. If you want the TL;DR, zoom to the bottom and look at our Tweetstorm or just click through here, and signup for our Substack newsletter here:

OnlyFans is a subscription service where influencers send their followers racy photos for a monthly fee. The NYTimes called it the “Paywall of Porn.

OnlyFans is propagating an illusion of perhaps the most intimate of intimacies in their quest to make money, and says…

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I started writing this week’s article with what we thought was a relatively small insight — what do The debate about Twitter and Facebook “censorship,” the CEO of The Wing stepping down and the Tom Cotton Op-Ed in the NYTimes all have in common?

Answer: They all revealed gatekeepers who either don’t understand that they are gatekeepers or what they are gatekeeping for…

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When I moved to NYC two years ago I joined Soho House. I had spent the last 7+ years living in San Francisco where there wasn’t any real tradition of social clubs, and I had spent a lot of time in London (though never lived there), which was the opposite, so I was excited to be part of one as an actual member. …

Intersect by Lexus, Official Photo

Betaworks launched Betaworks Studio last year. Hearst Magazines launched The House that Elle Decor Built @ 108 Leonard, a place to host their events for the various brands. Lexus has launched Intersect, a five star restaurant and community hub. BMW Mini owns and operates A/D/O, a cafe & coworking “creative” space. Bumble has launched their Hive popups around the nation. We wrote last week about the reclamation of retail, but brands that you’d never think of operating a physical space are starting to take their place.

We’re calling this latest trend In-Person 2.0.

In-Person 1.0 was conferences and meetups, in…

8 weeks ago I had to restock my t-shirts and sweatpants (in retrospect, a fortuitous purchase considering COVID) in DC. I went to Marine Layer in Georgetown, my California-boy staple, which was maybe 700 square feet of high margin items with two people on staff and bought a few shirts, with 3–4 other people browsing in there at the same time. …

Silicon Valley isn’t “Building” because the high priests, despite the lip service they pay to innovation in blog posts, haven’t been practicing the religion they’ve been preaching.

A day before the NBA postponed all games and coronavirus, a friend of mine and I were out in Silicon Valley at a mixer put on by an investor. We both lived full-time in NYC but were out for fundraising. My friend was a successful tech founder, had a 50M+ exit for his brand name VC investors, and he was starting another company and already had 1M+ in commits. I am the founding CEO and executive Chairman of Mozio, which was at the time (pre the necessary COVID furloughs) a profitable 75 person travel & transportation company with clients like…

We watched Booksmart the other night, which is basically the female Superbad (even has Jonah Hill’s sister as the star). …

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I’ve started seeing signs around Manhattan trying to sell to-go cocktails. In an effort to give restaurants another source of business, many cities around the world have relaxed restrictions on selling alcohol and allowed these restaurants to sell cocktails to-go.

While I am sympathetic to the situation the restaurant is clearly in, I thought it was an interesting glitch in the matrix because of how it illustrated a misunderstanding of what a person pays for when they come to a restaurant or bar.

Alcohol margins are…

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